The verdict is history. Yet any ramifications will linger on for years when compliance may slip.

Please take a moment to think about the following question as your answer will
assist your performance on the job. Is your agency/department well trained about
issues concerning people who are Deaf or hard of hearing (DHH)? In all probability, the
answer isn’t YES. Sure, you may have had a taste after a short deaf-awareness
session. This is like one slice of pizza being offered to you! Yet you deserve the
whole, entire Italian dinner. I know you agree. We are about to make it available to

You have frequently heard and seen TV and radio commercials about hiring people who cannot hear or have trouble hearing throughout AZ. All that exposure helps the entire community. Now let’s get to the hard core training that includes points on
Miranda, handcuffing, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act-federal law), and what
L.E. needs to protect this very strong and ever growing community of people who are Deaf.

Did you know that this group has its own culture? We’ll go into why it is so very important to know about. We don’t teach American Sign Language (ASL) as many of you thought when called by any of our staff members. However, we so go into some
words and phrases so important and, at times, life saving, along with teaching the
ASL alphabet.

Last year, the Arizona Sheriffs Association hosted a Zoom video
meeting for sheriffs that presented some new tools to assist L.E. The Deaf sensitivity
training class was among them.

As a suggestion from the Pinal County Sheriffs Office, classes will have many different starting times. This will be extremely helpful in assigning key personnel to take the class on the weekends or midnight or 1700-hours.
You will see dates and times listed on the website The overnight classes are presented in a live, interactive online webinar format.