The Deaf Sensitivity Training Class is coming to the Oklahoma City area! We’re proud to announce our arrival in the area which means local training classes and interactions with the community will be coming up. We’ll be working with the Oklahoma City community and talking about the topic of deaf sensitivity and the needs of a person who is Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


The Open Enrollment Class is apart of our arrival in Oklahoma! During our visit to Oklahoma City we’ll be hosting this open enrollment class that is available for anyone to join! This premium training course will be held at an undetermined location. These details will be announced as soon as they are available!


Unfamiliar with the topic of Deaf Sensitivity and want to learn more before committing? We offer a free informational webinar nearly every week where we dive into the contents of our class and what deaf sensitivity is. You can register for the webinar to learn more at

You can also learn more at or contact us at 480-615-8900 with any questions or concerns that you have.



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