Ludwig Beethoven Piano

Ludwig Beethoven began losing his hearing when he was 26 years old. I’ll bet you had no idea!

“Ludwig Beethoven— 

…began losing his hearing when he was 26 years old. It was a gradual descent into deafness. Beethoven’s ability to imagine in his mind’s ear what his compositions would sound like and the vibrations of his instruments enabled him to compose masterpieces even after deafness had gripped him.

His determination to continue in his profession and to pursue what he was most passionate about was the driving force in his ability to overcome a composer’s greatest obstacle. And yet he felt compelled to hide his impairment out of fear of public ridicule and the loss of his career. You would think if others had heard his beautiful compositions and learned he was deaf, they would have celebrated his accomplishments that much more. Be ye overcomers.

Perhaps you struggle with social anxiety or you have been suffering from burnout. Maybe it’s an external force like negative people in your circle who gossip behind your back to undermine your success. We all have obstacles to overcome to reach our personal and professional goals. If you can hold onto the passion for what you feel called to do, you will find a way to pursuit it in-spite of obstacles whether they be external, mental or physical.”

Brought to you as a public service notice by Tylin Promotions, creators and providers of The Deaf Sensitivity Training Class entitled

I Never Gave THAT A Thought!

Did you?