Young man battling social anxiety amidst a bustling city crowd

Something that is fairly common, sad to say, is Social Anxiety Disorder.

Years ago it was called social phobia, a mental disorder. People with social anxiety disorder frequently feel nervous, afraid, or embarrassed when around other people in social situations. They constantly worry that other people are judging or criticizing them for how they look, what they say, how they say it or how they act. They may worry that other people might reject them because of their appearance it behavior.

Social anxiety disorder is more than just occasional shyness or self consciousness. It can cause severe emotional distress. It can interfere with life’s daily activities. Social anxiety disorder may also lead to excessive alcohol or drug use and even suicide. It can be THAT bad!

Actually, social anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental disorders. It can develop at any time but usually begins in the teenage years. Women are more commonly affected than men. It is also more common in people who have family members with anxiety disorders. It is also more common in people who have physical deformities or conditions with characteristics
that are obvious to others, such as stuttered speech or movement abnormalities like Parkinson disease.

• Faint of heart
• Sweating
• Shaky hands or voice
• Confusion
• Light headedness
• Upset stomach
• Blushing

So you can see where the above can have its host as a person with hearing loss, many times lost in the world of silence. Let’s invite them to life with encouragement, appreciation and a smile.

You’ll achieve a greater feel for this situation as a participant in our class appropriately entitled “I Never Gave THAT a Thought!.”