I want to assure you that all of us at Tylin Promotions are well equipped to meet this challenge. Remote working is in place and we have the tools and technologies in place to provide our training classes to you. We read every email and listen to each voice mail and take every phone call. We will make this shift to online training as seamless as possible. Many of our trainers and staff already routinely perform their duties in this manner from coast-to-coast.

No matter the kind of operation that you are in, you have likely encountered new difficulties, challenges, and opportunities as a result of the current worldwide health climate. We look forward to helping you meet your training needs head-on with our Deaf sensitivity training classes entitled I Never Gave THAT A Thought! and our TBI/ABI classes entitled “Oops! Did I Forget THAT Again?”
Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

Fred Greenspan, CEO

480 615-8900