Our Deaf Sensitivity Training is an intensive programmed course that covers the needs of those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) and prepares those taking the class to understand what this population needs and why they need it. What you will learn prepares you to do a better job at work and in your personal life. The class is entitled I Never Gave THAT A Thought! Training is provided by family-owned Tylin Promotions which has been in operation for 40+ years.

This 4-hour class provides high-level, and real-life learning across the United States. We have delivered training in multiple states and to many industries, municipalities, cities, towns and county governments as well as to the federal government. Among the makeup of our clients are law enforcement, corrections departments, fire, medical, airports, libraries, private industry including entertainment venues, airlines, mass transit, hospitality, chambers of commerce and convention and visitor bureaus centers. We strive for total excellence in our training to any type of organization that wants to improve service to those with hearing loss simply by understanding the needs and requirements of this underserved population.

What Do We Want to Accomplish?

Make a Positive Impact

With every community and region that we visit, we push ourselves to make every interaction everlastingly positive and meaningful. Training that makes a difference is provided on topics that demand care and attention, not only for public safety such as first responders, hospitals, airports, mass transit, school districts, malls, banks and hotels but to many other types of organizations both in government and in private industry.

Provide Educational Excellence

The curriculum is geared towards making sense in easy-to-understand terms and carries with it a heavy educational value. The material was designed to “hit the nail on the head”, practically speaking. Efficient

Logistics is at the center of any business operation. This is the reason that we operate in a near-paperless environment and work with state-of-the-art systems and processes. Each course planned in each community is carefully laid out to ensure a positive, meaningful and educational impact as well as with your comfort in mind, be it an on-location class or via our LIVE, INTERACTIVE ONLINE WEBINAR on-line.

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