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The Deaf Sensitivity Training Class is coming to you

                            on site and via live & interactive webinars.

The class is geared for many operations such as law enforcement, fire, medical as well as all first responders! Adding to the list are court personnel, airport, and school security as well as hospitality staff on all areas of the industry including airline and other mass transit, government personnel such as emergency management, courts, tourism and members of chambers of commerce and convention and visitors bureaus.

The 4-hour class is entitled “I Never Gave THAT A Thought!”  If you don’t see a date for an on-site class near you, call us for schedule planning. We may be planning classes in your city that are not yet confirmed and thus not posted yet. The class is available to anyone who has an interest in issues of Deaf life, culture, language and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA federal law).

To reserve your seat(s), call 661-347-0911 in Los Angeles, 480 615-8900 in Phoenix, AZ or 929 282-0339 in New York City or the closest local office to you listed on our main page, or send email to [email protected].