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ADDITIONAL CLASS AVAILABILITY DATES-Your colleagues asked. We answered.

Allow me to thank those who attended our Deaf Sensitivity training class for court personnel entitled I Never Gave THAT a Thought!. The positive feedback was appreciated. Some people mentioned that even though many were working from home, and many still are, scheduling time for the intense class can be trying, given the current COVID-19 issues faced by all of us. They seem to change daily even far into the pandemic by years now.

With that in mind, you’ll now find dates for court training throughout the year. For Law Enforcement and Public Safety, classes will also be held throughout the year.

With COVID19 playing havoc on all training schedules, we have had to make major adjustments that altered travel plans. Yet with all this, technology came to the rescue. Many scheduled on-site training classes have been transparently converted to live, online and interactive webinars. In doing so, the availability to your operation with respect to open dates has been dynamically expanded.

Personnel in Chambers of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) and those in the hospitality and travel professions will be able to benefit from classes starting at different times. If you don’t see a class at a date and time you’d like, call us. To reserve your place, individually or in a group booking, visit our website or call 480 615-8900 in AZ, 661 347-0911 in Los Angeles, 917 267-9645 in New York City, 516 799-2274 on Long Island, NY, 707 340-3733 in Central CA, 919 283-1616 and in Hawai’i at 808 465-8600. We’ll be expanding dates through the beginning of next year soon.

If you elect to attend a webinar formatted class, student material will be sent to you via email to have with you during the session. We ask that you purchase an inexpensive pair of earplugs for our dip into the pool of silence. They are readily available at most pharmacies and cost of from $1.00 to $4.00.