The Arizona State Supreme Court invited our company president, Fred Greenspan, to present a program on deafness in the courtroom at their annual judicial conference. Fred is the developer and is usually the facilitator of the nationally known Deaf sensitivity training class, I Never Gave THAT A Thought!  All Arizona judges were required to attend the conference.

The session was overwhelmingly received by the judges. Some of the comments at the conclusion were:

• There was so much that I was unaware of      • I want to learn more. This was a short presentation.      • Obviously ASL is just one part of Deaf life. I didn’t know there was a Deaf community and Deaf culture. Thanks.      • Thanks, Fred, for telling us the secrets. At least they were hidden to me.

Saving the last comment, and not the least, Fred received the following text that evening:      • Fred…excellent presentation…. Your passion and direct knowledge won over the judges in attendance. You did good for all!!! Thank you!! Matt.

Court proceedings are not common to the majority and can be extremely emotionally taxing. It is even more-so for those with hearing loss. Thanks to the staff of the Supreme Court for making it possible for me to help improve the courtroom experiences for those who have a hearing loss.

For additional information on the classes, please call 480 615-8900 or email [email protected]