Arizona law enforcement

The verdict is history. Yet any ramifications will linger on for years. Please take a moment to think about the following question as your answer will assist your performance on the job. Is your agency/department well trained about issues concerning people who are Deaf or hard of hearing? In all probability, the answer isn’t YES. […]

We Initiated Deaf VideoPhone Service in 3 places in AZ. The 1st was in Maricopa (City) followed by Casa Grande. Both are in Pinal County, south of Phoenix.

Tylin Promotions’ Deaf Sensitivity Training Announce the Launch of VideoPhone Service We’re happy to have initiated the installation of a Deaf video phone system in the Maricopa (City) Public Library and the two Casa Grande Public Libraries, branches in the Pinal County Library System, in Arizona. This enables people who are deaf or hard of […]